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Some questions on the templates

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  • Some questions on the templates

    Hello Docs! I'm interested in buying the Powerbuilding templates since I believe its the most suited for a recreational lifter that doesn't want to compete but likes being strong and big (correct me if I'm wrong). My question would be since I believe one is 3 days and the other is 4 days: If you run the two of them, would it be counterproductive to run the powerbuilding 1 again? I ask this because I assume it has less volume overall (by the amount of days) so going back to 3 days would be a step back am I right? I am looking for 2 or 3 templates that I can cycle (maybe strength / hypertrophy too since the dollar is pretty expensive in my country so group programming is out of the question for now

    Another 2 quick questions:
    .I've read somewhere that the gpp days have sprints besides the liss work and ab and upper back. What could I change it for? Since I don't have the space to do sprints
    .In the Liss excercise. Could I play around using the rower/airbike instead of the treadmill? Same time and intensity ofc.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    If you can train 4 days a week I probably would stick with that over reverting back to 3 days per week unless your schedule demanded it.

    You can do sprints on the rower, airbike, or treadmill so we'd keep them in there.

    You can do the LISS with whatever modality you like.

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