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Preventing de-training

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  • Preventing de-training

    Greetings once again docs, hope you’re having a nice day!
    I was recently evaluating my training schedule for the next couple weeks and I planned this specific block to end right before a big vacation coming up in winter. Thing is, it’s a bit extensive (12 days to be exact) and i’m scared of de-training or negatively impacting my body comp/strength by deloading for too long. If i’m relatively certain I won’t be able to get some significant training stress, (other than bodyweight exercises and some walking/skiing maybe) are there any ways I can minimize any deleterious effects leading to my next block? Or am I overthinking it?

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    You're overthinking it Enjoy the vacation!

    From a data standpoint, strength decay appears to depend heavily on how well-trained the individuals is, activity levels during the time not training, and other environmental and testing factors.

    If you peak and test your strength prior to going on vacay, I would expect a substantial decay in strength if you were to retest via 1RM when you returned. If you were just training in multiple rep ranges and stayed active during your time away from the gym, I think you're likely to be okay.

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      Well then, that’s a relief to hear!
      I’ll try to stay active and get some push-up, pull-up, NHC, and air squat volume sporadically as an insurance policy, if anything. Then we’re back to making gainzzz!
      As always, thanks for the reply Doc!