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  • Speed4Lifts

    I've seen you guys using the Speed4Lifts recently... how are you liking it? I have a Rep One on preorder but it looks like that won't be here until probably February and I'm thinking of picking up a S4L in the meantime and then selling whichever one I like less down the road.

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    Hey Tim,

    I'm liking mine so far. I got a cheap tablet to connect with the device and have been playing around with the auditory feedback / velocity stops to manage fatigue a bit better. I find that I'm volitionally trying to move the weight faster than I typically do as well. I will say, however, that at this point having used RPE for many years, the velocity information more often tends to confirm what I already know based on feel, rather than delivering a lot of radically new information, at least for me.
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      If I may: is there any research on advantages and disadvantages of applying maximum force to each rep? I notice in the exercise demo videos Jordan does the reps very quickly with light weight. I tend to have a constant speed until the last reps of a high RPE set. I doubt there is any difference in speed between 185lb and 325 deadlift for me. I could pull harder, I just never have.
      Does it matter?