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  • Strength 1 overload

    Hey BBM team just about to start strength 1 template can't wait but just have a few questions about overload slots hoping you could answer thabks.

    1) should I use a belt on overload exercises ?

    2) overload deadlift alternative? I can use mini bands but would have to stand on the band as there is any thing to attach them to at the gym I train at grr! Is this fine or you recommend a alternative ?

    3) rack pulls from mid shin again I can't do as the safety pins are just over knee height or If I stand on 2 25kg bumper plates it's just below my knee is this ok ? Or would you recommend a alternative ?


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    1) Not necessarily, no.
    2) Stand on the band DL's are fine. Leah has done them like that for years.
    3) I would space the bar "up" on bumpers, e.g. you're pulling the bar off of weights instead of the floor.

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