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Choosing a Program after SSLP

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  • Choosing a Program after SSLP

    Hey Docs, new member. Been doing SSLP since the end of August. Your podcasts have been very enlightening, especially the programming series. After listening I've realized I might be nearing the end of my LP as the intensity is getting significantly higher the last few workouts. I would say most of my working sets are RPE 8-9, though I'm not very experienced at judging RPE. I haven't actually missed any lifts or sets, but a few have felt pretty grindy. I figure I have a few options.

    1. Do a proper 10% deload and try to squeeze some more out of my LP

    2. Bridge 3.0

    3. Hypertrophy I

    These are the two programs I have access to after the sweet Black Friday deal. Some potentially relevant info: Previously did Crossfit for a couple of years. Conditioning was great, but I'm already stronger on main lifts than I ever was during those 2 years. Before restarting SSLP I was, however, quite detrained after getting in a relationship, switching to night shifts and squandering my crossfit gainz for a few years. I'm 5'9, 210 lbs and a 41" waist, so fat loss is a primary concern and the reason I was drawn to the Hypertrophy program.

    Anyways, What do?

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    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.

    We would recommend option #2 or 3 depending on your preference. If you're keen to continue chasing some strength gains on the big 3, we'd have you do The Bridge 3.0. Conversely, if you wanted a change of pace we'd recommend doing the hypertrophy template. Either would work with a calorie restricted diet

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      Thanks for the advice!

      Think I'll run the Bridge first since its only 8 weeks and will help me ramp up my work capacity with the 3 days + 1 GPP before jumping to Hypertrophy's 4 days + GPP.