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Very detrained, okay to enroll in Group Programming?

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  • Very detrained, okay to enroll in Group Programming?

    Hello BBM crew,

    I've been back and forth for about 7 years with the gym. Most sustained training habit was about 2 years, layoffs anywhere from 3 to 9 months. It's just been difficulty managing a lot of life changes - marriage, college, kids, new jobs etc... and not consistently prioritizing training.

    I'd like to join Group Programming to help incentivize myself to stick with it. I'm looking at the descriptions and wondering if I'd be suitable for Group 1, despite having about 7 months since training with any consistency, and that on top of a fairly inconsistent pattern to begin with.

    I believe I'm competent enough in the main movements to get work in, but obviously I'm very detrained. Would you recommend holding off on enrollment until running a short-duration NLP? Maybe the timing is okay to enroll now for January class and start an NLP to get ready?

    Any advice?

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    We'd love to have you, and you would be a very good fit for Group Programming. And in getting back into training, the increased programming attention, opportunity for video review, and group support could all be VERY helpful as well. I'd say go for it. :-)


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      Done! Thanks a bunch!