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Knee wraps for a meet

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  • Knee wraps for a meet

    Hi barbell medicine team

    My info:

    BW: 81.8 kg, 180 cm, 21 years old
    lifts : 176/195/96 kg

    I have been following and doing your templates for almost two years now and this year you motivated me to sign up for a meet in may (that happened to be the qualifiers for the panamerican). The only powerlifting federation in Chile is the ACHIPO who follows the GPA rules. This federation allows in the use of knee wraps for the squats and deadlift in the the raw division. However, I have always used knee sleeves, so I am kind of new at knee wraps. Therefore I am practicing wrapping my knee in my free time.

    Now I am on doing the second week of the 12 week strength template, training on Monday/Tuesday- Thursday-Friday (I am still in the university and I am free on mondays)
    1. I suppose I have to use knee wraps for the meet and for training or not?
    2. Should I use them for all the the sets or only the singles in the competition lifts?
    3. If I prefer doing deadlifts in knee sleeves instead of knee wraps, should that be a disadvantage in the competition?
    4. The meet is on Saturday May 6, should I change the training days for week 12? (Training Tuesday-Wednesday instead of Monday-Tuesday)
    Thanks BBM

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    1/2. You should be practicing use of knee wraps on your singles -- BUT you will likely need to take a bit more weight off for your back-off sets than is written.

    3. I don't think you should be wearing anything on your knees for deadlifts.

    4. Sure, you can do that.
    IG / YT


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      Thanks austin

      one more question, if i use knee wraps for the back off sets to put more stress upon me, (using the templates percentages) ? Or that might be too much stress?


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        In that case, you could try using the template percentages and see how things go in terms of RPE across the sets.
        IG / YT