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First meet is 10 weeks out, how can I optimize programming?

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  • First meet is 10 weeks out, how can I optimize programming?

    Hey BMM,

    I tried posting last night and received an error when I opened up the computer again so I apologize in advance if this is a double post.

    A little background into my recent training, I ran the bridge 1.0 and got about 7 weeks into it before it beat me into the dirt. I ended up straining my AC joint resulting in me not benching, and my hip flexor started to get irritated which affected my heavy squat training. I finished what I could of the last of the bridge and then started the Hypertrophy Block and started to rehab my shoulder and hip flexor.

    I was able to work through the Hypertrophy block with things feeling pretty good. Heavy squat days were limited, due to hip flexor pain but as the program went on the intensity picked up. After the hypertrophy block I started the HLM block hoping to ease back into things. I just completed week 5, and my shoulder gets sore at times, but feels like it is continually improving and same with my hip flexor. Overall its been going really good.

    My first meet is in 10 weeks (April 29th), and I'm wondering what the best way to approach my programming would be. Should I complete week 6 of HLM and then jump back to week 2 and run it up to the meet? Or hop into the strength template and run that. I have the time to dedicate to the strength template, I just don't know that it would be the smartest move considering I'm still dealing with little "injuries."

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you're tolerating the HLM template well and making progress, just stick with that.
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