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Rest periods with unilateral work

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  • Rest periods with unilateral work

    Hello docs,

    I am currently running week 4.2 of the begginner template. When I do end up going to week 5, I have noticed that there is some unilateral work prescribed in the template. I was wondering how rest should look for these exercises. Here is my thought process.

    I do both sides back to back and then rest 2-3 minutes as prescribed. With this i fear that when the RPE gets high (8+) my second arm wont perform as well as i am tired overall.


    I take a shorter rest (say 60s) between the left and right. Ex: left-60s-right-60s-left-60s.....and so on.This would mean that in total, i rest 2-3 minutes between sets for the same arm but i get some rest to catch my breath and not carry over fatigue to the second side.

    I tend to favor the second approach but i dont want to shoot myself in the foot. Am i looking at this all wrong? Advise would be helpfull.

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    I would do both sides back to back with the 2-3 min rest in between sets. Start with a different arm each set, though it really doesn't matter
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