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    I've been a customer, more like a "disciple" for just over a year now. I started out just about as untrained as can be, worked with BBM online training for 6 months or so, then continued running templates since then. I've run hypertrophy 1- twice, and am finishing powerbuilding 1 at the moment. Have had great success, I'm 50 years old, and have gone from 260+ lbs and 45 inch waist to 228, 37.5 and completely resolved my pain due to 'worn out' knees. I tell everyone who cares to listen about BBM!

    I'm asking for advice for training for a trip I have planned for the first week of August. It will be a 10 day backpacking trip in Alaska. 50-60 lb pack, steep mountains, 3-5 miles per day with 2000 -4000 feet of elevation change can be expected. That gives me a little under months to prepare.

    My plan, as it stands now, is to run the hypertrophy II template starting first week of Jan. this would take me through end of Feb, then switch to endurance template x2 March and substitute rucking for the conditioning days, increasing frequency and volume (distance) as I get closer to the trip.

    my question is does this sound reasonable, or is there another approach you would take?

    thanks much!


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    Yes, this seems very reasonable Rob, as it gives you plenty of time to adapt to the new modality (rucking) and tweak things as needed based on your response. You'll have a better sense of where your fitness stands when you get closer to the trip. That all being said, I'd probably skip the anaerobic work when you get into April in favor of only aerobic conditioning efforts.

    In any event, nice job and it's really awesome to hear your story!

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      Thanks Jordan, appreciate the feedback!