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Changing Bench Grip

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    Jordan Feigenbaum

  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    Do you have a video of your bench, Daniel? That would help comment on what's going on, if anything. That being said, switching to a new grip and not being as strong with it compared to your previous grip isn't unusual.


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  • Daniel S
    Junior Member

  • Daniel S
    started a topic Changing Bench Grip

    Changing Bench Grip

    Dear Coaches,

    I started training in my home gym around 18 months ago. Until last week I benched with my index fingers on the ring (of a Rogue OPB).
    While trying to improve my form I made several videos from different angles and noticed that my wrists were significantly out of line with my elbow. Jordan‘s in depth guide to benching mentions how you should pay attention to alignment of joints. Since then I moved my hands in (now benching with my middle finger inside the ring), changing my bench noticeably. It seems my strength dropped a little which I had expected since it‘s a completely new movement.

    Basically I have 2 questions:
    1. Should I move in my grip at all? The wide grip never caused any pain. On the other hand I am not a good bencher by any means. Maybe this grip was part of a problem?
    2. If question 1 is a „yes“, should I move it in more gradually? Basically my bench now is what would have been a close grip bench press 2 weeks ago.

    Thanks everyone.

    Best regards