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Squat going backwards on Powerbuilding I

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  • Squat going backwards on Powerbuilding I

    Hi all!

    I recently moved from The Bridge (ran it twice with some success after completing my SSNLP) to Powerbuilding 1.

    When I finished The Bridge for the second time, my squat was at 180kg for a single at [email protected] I’m now in week 7 and for the second week running my squat singles at 8 have been 160kg - any heavier feels like a legit 9/10.

    All of my other lifts are trending up - can I assume
    this is down to the reduced LBBS volume/frequency on Powerbuilding I and it’ll shoot back up once I move on to, say, Strength I, or should I be concerned?

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    Hey Nick,

    I wouldn't be concerned just yet, as The Bridge has a little peak/taper built into it that some people respond well to. That said, I'd assume your squat will respond similarly when you return to that style of programming.

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      Thanks Jordan! Will keep at it with PB1 - enjoying front squats right now. Still setting [email protected] PRs on press, DL and bench, so it’s all good!