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  • Knee Rehab Upper Body

    Had pre-existing knee pain from novice program, overloaded my squat for a few sessions. Started the Bridge 1.0, ended up buying the Knee Rehab template. I just realized after week 8 of Knee Rehab I will be done with the Bridge 1.0 upper body. What template should I run for the final 8 weeks of Knee Rehab? What template should I move to after Knee Rehab? I am an obese male, eating at a caloric deficit. My goal is to continue to lose weight for the next 6 months at least.

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    Sorry to hear about the knee issue, but it sounds like you're making progress!

    I would recommend redoing the upper body programming from the Bridge 1.0 and then running Powerbuilding I or General S/C 1 afterwards

    Hope that makes sense and offers a bit of help.

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      Yeah learned my lesson I was one of those guys who was in such a rush to squat 315lb. You guys have had a huge effect on me and I’m just enjoying the process now!