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  • Hypertrophy 2!


    Im on week 2 of Hypertrophy 2. I’ve been highly enjoying it. On Day 3, after Front Squats, I’ve been doing Incline DB Bench and then move to Flat DB Bench. For Flat DB Bench, on the first set,I’ve been doing an 11 rep max (since that’s what 70% AMRAP is). My problem is that after I hit failure on Flat DB Bench, when I remove 7% from the weight I used, the weight is still heavy (even after proper rest times) that my rep count falls (can’t get 12) and I basically fail to do 63% for 2x12 after 70% AMRAP. I end up dropping the weight a little more and the RPE for that 3rd drop set is still high. Is this supposed to happen or am I doing something wrong? Here is today’s Flat DB Bench:

    32KG [email protected], [email protected] is 74% (couldn’t get 11 at 70%), I drop to 63% which makes it 28KG for the other 2 remaining sets x12 reps. The first set I get [email protected] and the other one I get [email protected] Am I doing something wrong?


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    I would just take more weight off your back off sets, Leon.
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