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Advice for upper body imbalance when bench pressing, what to do?

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  • Advice for upper body imbalance when bench pressing, what to do?

    Hi, I've been to a physiotherapist several times now and he can't figure out what it is that makes my shoulder and left arm like this when i bench press. He said that my left shoulder was weaker on the back compared to the right, which is why the muscles and shoulder were pulled forward on the left. Because of this I can't stretch out my arm no matter how much I try, and the barbell does not get straight on top of the lift, as you see in the picture attached.

    My physiotherapist suggests I stretch more and focus on training the back more. What do you think?

    I broke my arm when I was a little boy, and have never been able to stretch my left arm as far behind my head as my right arm, can it be a factor? I have no pain when bench pressing like in the picture, but it doesn't look pretty. Could it be harmful long term? I've been training like this for over a year without pain, but the barbell is still crocked large parts of the lift.

    During the lift itself I manage to get my right arm further in and down, while the left arm does not come in the same position no matter how much I try.

    What should I do to fix this? is it dangerous? I have video of myself training, but I was not allowed to upload such files here.

    Hoping for answers, thank you very much for your help! Enjoying barbell medicines work very well!


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    Given your history, I would continue training and not worry about it.
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      thanks for the reply! Additional information, can this affect me in any competition in the future because of my left arm?

      Are there any exercises or things I can do that you can think of to improve the starting point. the barbell is "crooked" at the top of the lift, and I can't pull my left shoulder as far back and towards the bench as my right.


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        You can let the judges know that one arm doesn't fully lock out and they'll account for that in competition judging.

        I would try to worry about this less, man.
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