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  • Which Program for my Stats

    Heigth: 193cm 6'4
    Weight 92-98kg arouns 210lbs

    Bench 1rm 115kg 253lbs

    Squat 1rm 130kg 286lbs

    Deadlift pulled once 200kg like a fishing rod (learning the technique now new from begining)

    Overheadpress 1rm 62,5kg 137lbs

    I dont have a program right now. was overweigth (135kg)
    and got 90% of my gains with the Martin Berkhan RPT method.

    My Goal is to get a 600kg Total as quick as possible.
    But im also Asthetics focused.

    Also i will squat 160x2 as soon as possible. (bet with friend)

    Im weak, please Help me.

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    I would probably just run Strength I in this case.
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