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The bridge is kicking my ass

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  • The bridge is kicking my ass

    Hello Barbell Medicine,

    First I want to say love your content I appreciate the scientific approach to training aswell as the free template. I ran 3 months of Lp followed by 6 of 531 made decent progress in strength and physique. Im on week 3 of the bridge feel im doing a decent job of judging rpe on the main lifts (squat w/ belt, DL, press and even close grip bench) not so sure on tempo and pause bench. Not sure if it's fatigue (not a custom to preforming big movements on same day) lack of practice on new movements or just the difficulty of the variations but i have to drop the weight significantly should this be expected? Also surprised at the amount of fatigue generated by the end of the workout. I was doing a fair amount of volume on 531 if you count the accessories, initially concerned the bridge would be a step back for work capacity, but I seriously misjudged how hard it would be to perform this work out. Thanks again for the free program and all the great content!


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    That's awesome man. Keep up the good work

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      I thought the free Bridge worked great and was the perfect program to introduce more volume and work capacity after coming from THEM. Also it is the best price of all...FREE!!