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Leg, torso and arm length affect on lifts

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  • Leg, torso and arm length affect on lifts


    I am just coming off week 4 of the beginner template and I am really enjoying it. I searched the forum to see if I could find any info on this.

    I noticed after videoing my deadlift and following the deadlift set up, my hips need to be lower to get in position properly after following the deadlift set up.

    I think I have long femurs compared to torso and arms.

    However when I tried to measure I was not sure how to go about it.

    I measured my height which is 69 inches, arm length 21 inches, torso length 17 inches.

    My first question is whether their is a standardized way to measure these lengths? I did top spinal vertebrae to top of hip bone for torso length and top of shoulder to where the wrist joint.

    Also what variations or alterations of big lifts tend to be more favourable with larger leg:torso ratios?

    Thanks in advance


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    I don't think these measurements are going to provide you with particularly useful information.

    I'm also not sure what you mean by "more favorable" here; lots of people can get very strong in a variety of lifts with a variety of body proportions, assuming intelligent, consistent programming over a very long period of time. Furthermore, unless you plan to compete in a particular strength sport, your choice of barbell lift is fairly arbitrary and you can choose based on preference and trainability, rather than based on conjecture related to limb lengths. Hopefully this makes sense.

    I'd also suggest posting a video to our Facebook group for feedback.
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