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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    1) For what? I don't program the former exclusively either, so it'd be hard to say.

    2) Barring the extremes like you mentioned, no, not really.

    3) You don't I think there needs to be a washout period between training blocks and multiple data points (e.g. multiple blocks) of similarly programmed elements need to be ran to increase your confidence in a certain programming approach.


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  • Cole
    started a topic formula experiments

    formula experiments

    1)in your experience, what do the majority of general strength trainees respond better to:

    A: 1-3 reps intensity range 80-95%
    B: 4-6 reps intensity range 65-80%

    2)do you think there is a correlation between those two styles of training and whether or not an individual has more/less type 1 to type 2 muscle fibers? (my thought is most people are closer to 50/50 fast to slow twitch and the extremes are the exceptions)

    3) how long would you recommend trial periods be to be an effective determinate of progress? how do i know that the current blocks success is not the aftermath of the previous blocks work?
    **i was thinking about running an experiment to find out what i respond better to, where i do a block of 80-95% followed by a block of 65-80% with [email protected] as control.

    thank you very much,

    cole g