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Starting Point for Overload Exercises in Strength I

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  • Starting Point for Overload Exercises in Strength I

    BBM Crew... I will be starting Strength I in the next week to two. I am not sure where to start with adding chains, however, on the overload exercises. I know you suggest ~20% E1RM in chain weight. Should that be the first weight added to the bar after empty bar warm-ups, then stack plates on until the prescribed RPE is met? Or is it preferable to get through all warmups, then add the chain weight to the working sets only? If the latter, is there an E1RM % or RPE range where you suggest chain weight be added?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I usually warm up with the empty bar, then throw my first plate on for a set, then add chains for a set, then continue loading from there.
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