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  • Contemplating Coaching, Need Help

    So I will be coming off of my novice linear progression within the next few months or weeks depending on how quickly a plateau. I have decided to run The Bridge after my novice linear progression, but I’ve heard from many external resources that getting a coach is a great idea to guide someone from the novice to intermediate programming. I really want to be coached, but I’m just a broke teenager and I do not have a job because I am currently focusing on school as it is my senior year. Many custom coaching platforms, not just Barbell Medicine coaching, is pretty expensive for someone like myself. Do you think that I can successfully run out The Bridge and then after the completion of it purchase an online template (Bridge 2.0, Strength 1 Template) and still be well off? Otherwise, is it of my best interest to just suck it up and get a job so I can afford $100+ coaching a month and get the best possible gainzzz?

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    I think you'll be fine to do The Bridge on your own and go from there, yes. I would stop doing LP and recommend our Beginner prescription instead, but if you like what you're doing you're welcome to continue that as well.

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