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Understanding hypertrophy 1 template.

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  • Understanding hypertrophy 1 template.

    Hey docs.
    I have few questions about hypertrophy 1 and strength 1 template. First of all, I asked 3 months ago about what to do with my bench plateau followed by injury. You recommend Beginner Template and i added over 80lbs on my bench in 3 months. So thanks a lot.

    1.In description of hypertrophy 1 I read that you recommend it to one who trying to loose some fat. Is it easier to increase muscle mass in caloric deficit than increase strength in caloric deficit? If not, what is the reason you recommend it to the one who trying to loose fat?

    2.I guess In strength focused program, not being able to add weight on the bar while maintaining the same rpe for long time means that program is not working well.
    Is this principle apply same to hypertrophy program? or Is it possible to gain significant muscle mass while can't add weight on the bar while maintaining the same rpe?

    3.My goal is to be big and strong as possible. I'm on phase 3 of beginner template and I bought both hypertrophy 1 and strength 1. I'm going to run them both. What would you prefer between runing hypertrophy 1 first and then run strength 1 or vice versa?

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    Thanks for the post and nice job on your bench press gainzZz

    1) I'm not sure I would say that it's easier to gain muscle mass than strength in a calorie deficit, no. Probably the opposite, if anything. I like higher volume programs with higher amounts of conditioning during weight loss phases, in general.

    2) I'm not sure what you're asking here exactly, but yes it's possible to gain muscle mass and not improve strength performance. That being said, higher levels of muscle mass tend to drive higher levels of strength potential.

    3) I would ask you what you feel like doing right now training wise, as that's infinitely more important. Getting big and strong is going to take years, so really this decision is of little consequence outside of adherence

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