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  • Where shall I pick back up?

    I have decided to start the Beginner Prescription 4-week template tomorrow and run it out as much as I can until moving to The Bridge. I am within 1-2 months of completely finishing my SS NLP, but do not want to waste time resetting, deloading, and microloading, so I am making the switch. The problem I have is that I just reset my squat from Starting Strength because I got 315 lbs. 4 reps, 3 reps, and 3 reps instead of 3 x 5. I dropped to 275 lbs. and am currently working my way back up. Furthermore, the issue with this is that I do not have the most recent and accurate representation of what my true potential. My last SS workout I did 280 lbs. for 3 x 5 on Friday, but I feel like I could have done more. Basically, the transition from the Starting Strength methodology to the RPE-based training has thrown me off because I recently deloaded not only my squats, but my bench and OHP and do not know what weight I should start with tomorrow on the Beginner Prescription. Thanks for reading!

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    It doesn't really matter how accurate your weight selection is tomorrow (or any session really), so long as the precision is relatively high, e.g. you're using the same RPE scale the same way.

    Additionally, and this is important, it does not matter how much you squat, bench, press, or deadlift. Really. I can certainly understand wanting to get stronger and trying to hit certain numbers over the long-term, but I would really try to get away from ascribing any importance to a particular number early on in your training career.
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