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GPP Hypertrofy questions

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  • GPP Hypertrofy questions

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the great program, loving it so far!

    Some questions:
    1. In the template, we are pressing only on wednesday. I'd like to press more because its allready stalling for me unfortunately. Where should I implement more press volume (e.g. Monday [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) and how should I program it? Or should I hold off and just run the template and make changes after?
    2. On instagram live, Jordan said that he prefered leg press over pause squat on this specific template. I would really like to know his reasoning behind this!
    3. In the template, why are leg press / pause sq / pause front sq designated as supplemental deadlift excersises?
    3.1 why are pendlay rows designated as supplemental bench excersises?
    4. for logging, i presume #3 and #3.1 should be logged as Squat assistance and Deadlift assistance respectively?

    Thanks so much!

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    Hey Felix,

    1) I probably wouldn't advise the hypertrophy template if immediate strength improvements is your main goal. That said, adding another OHP slot on Day 3 could work.

    2) More direct fatigue within the context of hypertrophy for the lower extremities.

    3) They all transfer to the deadlift to varying degrees, but in this case it's because I'm using the supplemental bench moniker as a place holder.

    4) Same as number 3.

    5) You could, yes.
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      Thanks for the reply! I have trained for strength improvements the last 18 months and wanted to implement a hypertrophy block to stimulate some size AND you mentioned muscle sensitivity to lifts being relevant (on SS forum) so it seemed a good choice . Would you still add 1-5 pounds to the lifts' e1rm per week to drive progress? Or does that take a backseat when hypertrophy is concerned? Currently going into week 4, adding 4 to 5 lb per week on deadlift and squat, 2 to 3 lb for bench and press... No stalls (decent @8's still) yet except the press.

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    I did the front squats for the first half of the program, mainly because leg press is leg press and I wanted to squat. All I really accomplished was to make myself extremely sweaty and out of breath. I switched over to leg press and I'm moving much more weight, doing more reps and really feeling the burn in my legs.

    It's interesting to note that Borge Fagerli, the inventor of myoreps doesn't really recommend them for anything but isolation movements for a similar reason: that you work the target muscle more directly and aren't limited by your cardiovascular system. I think they are fine for leg press and rows though and excellent for bench press.


    • Felixdevries
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      Hi neandrewthal! Thanks so much for your reply and insight. I did use them for bench press indeed and it was excellent!