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Beginner Template - Started too light? Not stalling, but running out of tabs

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  • Beginner Template - Started too light? Not stalling, but running out of tabs

    Hi BBM team!

    I am finishing week 4.4 on Phase 1 today and all of my lifts are still progressing (except for Bench, but I think that is a form issue that I keep adjusting to figure out). I think I've been close-grip benching and testing a slowly wider grip each session and it seem to be helping.

    My question: If I get through week 4.7 and I am not stalling on lifts, what do? Move on, or just keep creating duplicate tabs of the 4.7 tab (wont stay linked with the analysis charts, but that is not the end of the world).

    Self-efficacy test: I think I just answered my own question above.

    I am pretty sure I started too light and have been making decent jumps (I think) in weight, but have had 2 colds that may have given unplanned short deloads. I never missed an actual lifting day so far. Here are my lift progressions (e1rm):
    Squat: 99 lbs to 248 lbs
    Bench: 128 lbs to 178 lbs
    Deadlift: 134 lbs to 269 lbs
    OH Press: 90 lbs to 126 lbs

    My bio:
    37y M Caucasian
    5'8" 201 lbs
    39.5" waist (today was the first day measured under 40"!)
    ~1900 cal/day 215p/175c/50f (I weigh food, but think I must be undercounting somehow)
    Trained in high school/early college, but pretty sedentary for last 16 years

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    I would keep going with thte current training setup, creating new tabs if necessary. It does sound like you probably started a bit too light, but that's totally OK. Keep it up!
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