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    Hello guys! I completed powerbuilding with great progress, and now I wanted to do a Hypetrophy block, but I don't know if I should do HPT 1 or 2, since I keep progressing on 3 days a week. My question is, if I'm progressing with lower volumes (3 days a week 2 gpp), should I stick with it until plateauing or just hop on 4 days (since this would theorically make me progress faster) Am I right? What's your general opinion on this matter?

    Also quick questions about warmups
    On straight sets I'm doing 3-5 sets (without counting bar) so for OHP (For 6 @ 7).
    .2 with the Bar
    .1 with 5kg each side
    .1 with 10kg each side
    .1 with 15kg each side
    .1 With 20kg (60kg) for 6 @ 7 , then @8 with 5% more weight and so on.

    Is this correct?

    And for [email protected] I do like 2 sets empty bar. then 5 reps little weight - 4 reps more weight - 3 reps more weight 1 @ 7 with 95% of estimated [email protected] Then if the @7 feels light I increase the weight for [email protected], if it feels heavier than 7 I drop the [email protected]

    Is this correct?


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    I think if you're crushing it on 3x/wk, I would continue on there until you need more training

    As far as your warm ups go, that looks correct from here.

    Finally, for the 1 @ 8- that seems reasonable too.

    Keep up the good work

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      Thanks a lot.