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Beginner template: adding weight week to week

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  • Beginner template: adding weight week to week


    I was reading the beginner template PDF instructions and had a question on the following:

    As far as progression goes, the idea is to get our estimated 1RM to go up each week if possible. Even if it's by 1lb. So, I would suggest doing the first week based on your existing numbers. On week 2, plug in something that's about 1-5lbs heavier than your estimated 1RM for week 1 and plan to hit those. If, during your warm ups, it becomes obvious that it isn't going to happen, then temper the load appropriately and let RPE supersede our plans.
    My estimated 1RM for squat, as an example, is calculated differently for a 4 reps @ RPE 8 vs 10 reps @ RPE 8. So for the following week, should I try to aim for 1-5 lbs heavier based on the higher estimated 1RM or should I base it on each specific 1RM for the rep range and add 1-5 lbs to that? I’m assuming I base it on the specific 1RM for each rep range since the template lists totals by every exercise done and doesn’t calculate the higher 1RM in, say, my squat example. Is that correct?


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    I would use the specific e1RM for a given rep range, as the ability to improve performance is tied specifically to a given rep range.
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      Thanks Jordan!