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Productive strength training possible?

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  • Productive strength training possible?

    Hi BBM
    how productive can strength training be in regards to recovery under fightcamp conditions 4 hard 2 hrs sessions 15 miles weekly total running and hard sparring in muay thai. In starting to think under this kind of workload lifting may not possible to excel at both fighting and lifting, but lifting helps in injury prevention so basically I'm confused

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    I think if you're a pro Muay Thai fighter then you're probably used to the training or will acclimate pretty quickly and you might see some strength improvements if you can train 2x/wk.

    If you're a reddit-level MMA enthusiast who's not really well-trained from a traditional S/C standpoint, I think that the Muay Thai training is inappropriate from a volume standpoint and resistance training isn't going to help.

    Ideally, you'd come into and sports-specific training period with a good base of training so you can do some minimal, maintenance-level lifting during it.

    I'm not sure where you fall along this spectrum, so I can't really comment.
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