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    Hello there. So I've been training for around 4-5 years, hyperthrophy based programming (upper,lower 2x a week), but always did big3 for 3 sets of 5, I'm 6,5 and 230. Last year I had some acute inflammation and couldn't train for 5 months, in that period I lost 35lbs of weight. Now im back in the gym for 4 months but im stalling on SBD. Before that illness my e1RM where 355 squat, 295 bench, 470 deadlift and 190 ohp. I gained all weight and size back but my lifts ar not progressing anymore already for a month - squat 330, bench 275, deadlift 410 and ohp 170, Interesting part is that my RDL and deadlift are in same e1RM, im lowering RDL about 2 inches below knee cap, it's enough right?
    Friend of mine told me about Barbell Medicine, he is using your programming for almost a year and has same training exprerience as me, and he is like WTH he still keeps progressing :O So I want to keep building mass while improving Big3 (SBD) so I guess powerbuilding template would be the best for me? Or I need to start with beginners template cause I have never done this kind of training? At the end of this year maybe planning to do first powerlifting meet.

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    Thanks for the post and gotta love your friend shaming you into changing programming LOL

    Yea I'd either do Powerbuilding I or Strength I in this scenario. Let us know how it goes!

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