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Looking for Recommendations after the Bridge

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  • Looking for Recommendations after the Bridge

    Male/6'0"/207lbs/22 S/B/D @RPE 8: 410/285/445

    First, I would like to thank you guys for all of your resources I've been a long time Alan Thrall fan and found out about you guys a few months ago and since have greatly increased my knowledge of training in large part to your resources!

    My goals: Mainly Focus on strength but hypertrophy gains are never unappreciated. I also only have 3 days per week to workout due to school this semester. I'm toying with the idea of doing a meet but it would not be until sometime in the summer.

    Now for a preface to my question: Tomorrow (Friday) is my last workout of the Bridge on week 8. I have made tremendous progress taking my max high bar squat (I didn't lowbar until running the bridge) of 300x2 to a 410 single at RPE 8 lowbar. I increased my bench atleast 30lb based on my 285 RPE 8 single and took my deadlift from a 385x2 to a 445 single at 8. This progress is way more than I expected and and a incredibly glad I found your program. However, this leaves me in a state of uncertainty about what to do next. Even with such tremendous progress, I do not think I took full advantage of the bridge due to the first 3 weeks of the program where I was learning lowbar and learning RPE. I was squatting 250 for 5s at the start and 350 for 3s towards the end and I believe the progress was much more technique related than strength related. Thus, I think I would benefit from running it again as I have much more experience with lowbar and my ability to accurately judge RPE.


    1. Should I rerun the bridge?

    2. If so, I'd like to do a little more pressing and was thinking about adding a pressing variation to one of the non-heavy press days. What would you recommend to add in a little more pressing volume? I was thinking potentially starting with 8 x 2 @ RPE 7-8 for the low stress and increasing sets for the more stressful weeks.

    3. I've also come to quite enjoy hitting singles @ 8 to start off my lift and was planning to do singles @ 7 for the first 5 weeks then singles @ 8 as planned on the Bridge. These have been invaluable in finding correct working weights. Is this a good idea?

    4. If there are any other modifications I should be thinking about when re running, I would greatly appreciate you guys mentioning them.



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    1. Sure, you can run it again.

    2. You could add some pressing in on the GPP day, or if you had time to add some more pressing/pin pressing at the end of session 1 or 3.

    3. We did not include the singles throughout this program on purpose; if you like hitting those more frequently, the HLM or 12 week strength templates might fit your needs better.

    4. This question is basically asking for 1-on-1 coaching advice, which requires knowing a lot more about you than we can do here.
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