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Deload/reset weight when changing DL grip?

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  • Deload/reset weight when changing DL grip?

    Hi guys, I'm doing novice LP, and my grip (double overhand) is becoming a limiting factor in the DL. Today, I got chalk, used the hook grip, and added weight to the bar. The reps felt strong but I bailed after 3 because I felt a muscle pull/pain in my shoulder as my grip was loosening. The shoulder doesn't worry me, I assume it has to do with losing concentration/tightness when my fingers start to extend, it's just the signal that tells me to stop before I actually injure myself, and I fail the set.

    My questions are:
    • Do I stick with the hook grip because I should learn it anyway before the weight gets heavy or go back to normal overhand+chalk?
    • Do I continue LP as usual or reset by ~10% to give me time to adjust to a new grip?
    • Do I add some grip-specific accessory work?
    • Should I go back to deadlifting every workout until I get it further ahead of my squat (rather than alternate with row/clean)?

    My details:
    Male 36
    6'3" 210lbs (weight trending up), waist 36"
    squat 240 3x5
    press 100 3x5
    bench 150 3x5
    dl 245 1x3*
    row 145

    The first time I bailed mid-set and ended up doing a set of 3 then 2 rather than faaav. @225
    The next time I pulled 5 but right hand was letting go during the last rep (felt a pull/tweak/charliehorse in my pec right by my armpit, followed by numbness for ~5 minutes) @235
    The next time I tried hook grip, pulled 5 but same tweaking in opposite pec as left hand was about to start slipping (milder, no numbness) @240
    Today I finally got chalk and again decided to use the hook grip but failed at 3 reps because I felt a muscle pulling in the right posterior deltoid area. @245
    Note: so far the tweaks/charlie horses etc have resulted in no lingering pain, soreness, etc.. so I see them only as symptomatic of the grip breakdown. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I'd use chalk, tape your thumbs, and use the hook.

    I have no idea why you're feeling the cramps in your shoulder, unfortunately.
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      As an aside, having served in the 1st Cavalry Division, your avatar is messing with my head.
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