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  • Seeking Guidance On Next Template

    Hello BBM crew. I am in need of advice as to which template to tackle next. Quick rundown on my history: 48yr old man, down 130lbs (began my transformation summer of 2018), went from wearing 56-58" pants/4x t-shirts to 33" jeans & medium t-shirts, training has gone from boot camp/quasi-crossfit-style training to running marathons (I ran 23 races last year of varying distances & even placing first in my age division a couple of times!). Along with that I also train Muay Thai and attended a fight camp in Thailand this past November (and am already set to return this coming November). On your advice I purchased the Titan template and ran it twice back-to-back with great success (strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning all increased very nicely). I'm currently in the final week of the Hypertrophy-1 template with absolutely great success in LBM gainzZz (weight went up about 5lbs while my waist shrunk about 2", upper body musculature increased awesomely, leg mass didn't increase as much but I'm sure my running has a lot to do with that).

    So with all that said, I have signed up to compete in the CrossFit Festivus Games this coming April and am trying to figure out which template to do next. I purchased the Titan-2 during the holiday season with plans to use it next, but this was before I entered the Festivus Games. With the great results I experienced with the Hypertrophy-1 template I am tempted to run it again (the template would end the week the Games take place). Also for the past month, after I decided to give the Festivus Games a go, I began to insert the WODS at the tail-end of each lifting day and also dedicated one extra day to train them all at once. My question is which template do you think I could use best in combination with my WOD training and still maintain my hypertrophy gainzZz (or maybe even gain more)?

    Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

    (For reference, the WODS consist of standard movements such as bar-over burpees, high rep (30) squats, front squat back lunges, box-overs, skipping, deadlifts, rowing machine, wall balls, etc. Also for reference, my weekly workout schedule consists of lifting, running, Muay Thai all trained 3-4x a week and due to work schedule I do two-a-days 3-4 days out of the week in order to fit all of this in.)

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    Thanks for the post and congrats on your transformation. I would recommend the Titan II template to get ready for the CrossFit Festivus Games (great name btw). There's enough volume in there to keep your muscles happy

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