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adjusting volume and only upper body

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  • adjusting volume and only upper body

    Hey there BBM team,
    i curruntly do 2(likely 3 in the near future) sessions of oly lifting with a coach. These sessions are mostly lower body with some traps, i would like to do more upper body hypertrophy work so my question is can i just run the hypertrophy 1 template without the lower body training? also a question that relates to this is can you change voulume in templates to suite your personal needs of volume? thank you very much!

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    I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, you could try just plugging in some of the upper body work from a template and see how you do, e.g. just give it the ol' college try. On the other hand, you're paying an Olympic WL coach to help you out and he or she probably has a better idea of what they think is more appropriate for you given your other training and apparent goals, thus you might want to ask them.

    That all being said, the templates are designed to be run as they're written. Individuals can make changes to them based on their needs, preferences, etc., but it'd be hard to recommend what specific changes to make without more information and insight. I could make something up, but idk how confident I would be in that. So, if you wanted to run the upper body stuff from something like strength I, I'd probably be more on board with that than the hypertrophy template.

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