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Logging warmup sets in the template

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  • Logging warmup sets in the template

    Howdy. I searched the forums for this topic to no avail. But I suspect it's a somewhat common question, so apologies if redundant.

    If I recall correctly, you've said one can choose or not choose to log their warmup sets in the template spreadsheet, depending on personal preference.

    In the past, I have chosen not to log warmup sets in the spreadsheet. This time, I prefer to do so; it helps keep me consistent in my approach to warmups. However, this lowers the the average intensity calculation. Does it matter? Put differently, what is the purpose of the average intensity calculation, and what are the implications of seeing that number skewed lower due to logging my warmup sets? Are we intended to take action or make decisions based upon the calculated average intensity?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think it matters much provided you're consistent. I typically recommend individuals log all sets RPE 7 and greater for our standard, e.g. non-injury rehab, templates.

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