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Good morning squats on last set

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  • Good morning squats on last set

    I am currently on week 4.3 of the Beginner template and am responding well to it. Previously I had been doing SSLP and hit a wall after about five weeks. So far on the beginner prescription the variation in rep range and intensity seems to be keeping me progressing nicely.

    For the past two weeks, on the heavy squat day (4 sets by 4 reps), my last set has been turning into a good morning squat. Now I have watched Austin's video on how to fix this on Alan Thrall's youtube channel and I don't believe I am making any of the common mistakes. I don't believe I enter the bottom of the squat in a poor position, I just end up leaving the bottom butt first and completing a text book good morning squat. My question for you is, does this matter?

    Last week I did 200 (lbs) x 4, 205 x 4 x 3. Only on the last set did I do the good morning as the squats started catching up to me. This week I went 200 x 4, 205 x 4, 210 x 4, and 215 x 4. My squats felt great up until the last two reps on the last set, where I was struggling to get out of the bottom. If this was occurring on all sets and reps I would think something is wrong, but as I think my form is only slipping at the end of a workout, I plan on just ignoring it unless it starts cropping up on earlier in my squat session.

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    Yea this isn't something I would worry about provided you're sticking to the recommended RPE prescriptions. You can post a video in our Facebook group and we can provide some feedback if needed.

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