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alternative to military press

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  • alternative to military press

    I train in my basement, and the ceiling is too low to press anything but an empty bar.

    I can do half-kneeling presses, and I have a low pulley I've been using to do half-kneeling single arm shoulder cable presses (punching up, basically; the angle is not straight up, so it's like a 75 degree incline press). I've also done kneeling DB presses, but that limits the weight available quite a bit. I can do seated presses, as well, naturally. My lack of hip/hamstring mobility makes it impossible for me to do a Z press (seated on ground, legs outstretched).

    What do you recommend? (Aside from going to a gym...)

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    I'd probably use seated or kneeling presses.
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      I have a similar issue in my basement and cannot press inside my power rack. I bought a pair of squat stands and found the lowest point in my basement where I can press and the plates go between the joists. Alternatively, I take them outside when the weather is decent. Obviously I'm not sure what your exact situation is, but this worked for me. A bit of extra work to set up but I think it ls worth it.


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        JStrause Glad to hear you've found some solutions. I might find some joists to go between if I ripped out the plaster in the ceiling, but that is definitely not going to happen

        Stands outside, OTOH, is an option worth exploring once the weather changes.


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          Another option that people have mentioned is just loading with smaller size plates, if you can at least get those to fit. Some people just buy a bunch of 10lb plates. Not very convenient, and may not work as you get to heavier presses.