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Next template suggestion and progress sharing..

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  • Next template suggestion and progress sharing..

    Gday All,

    First post. Thanks to all the team for the great content / information. I wanted to share my progress and am keen to get feedback on what template to run next, just about completed PowerBuilding 1.

    Training History

    Male, 44 years young, body weight 100KG, height 5'11, waist down to 40.5" over last 3 months from 43".

    On and off training, nothing serious, since about 17, no real programming run and only a month or two at a time over the years.

    7 years ago did 2 or 3 months of starting strength but not following correctly and only squatting what I could press over my head as no racks.

    Long term goals, Bench 150kg, Squat 200+kg, Deadlift 250+kg.

    October 2019 → December 2019 (SS NLP, properly followed)

    Bench Press
    60kg x5x3 → 87.5kg x5x3

    40kg x5x3 → 105kg x5x3

    100kg x5x3 → 160kg x5x3
    (Successfully pulled 180kg x1 at completion)

    40kg x5x3 → 72.5kg x5x3

    January 2020 → February 2020 (BBM PowerBuilding 1)

    (Note 2 weeks to go so final number may be lower or higher)

    Bench Press
    E1RM 98kg → 123kg

    E1RM 130kg → 157kg

    E1RM 186kg→ 195kg

    E1RM 81KG → 96kg

    Have had good hypertrophy gains during this template, have been sitting on 100kg weight mostly on 2600 average calories. I am keen to lose fat so am monitoring and will cut calories going into next template.

    I am keen on improving strength in the big 3 over the next few years and possibly competing, but also keen on adding some size, so am leaning towards doing PB1 again or maybe PB2 but open to ideas.

    Thanks again for all the great content and programming, its been fair dinkhum bloody awesome!


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    Hey Ryan,

    Nice job on your progress so far! Very cool. I'd run either PB1 again since you got great results, but if you wanted to train more (e.g. 4x/wk) PB II would be the move. I wouldn't push hard for a strength template until you sign up for a meet

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