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    Hi BBM team,

    I have a question regarding RPE which I have been using for a year now and with your programs. Have made great progress.

    What would you suggest someone do if a full training cycle or longer there 1 @ rpe 8 (or whatever the prescribed rep set RPE is) weight used doesn’t change would you suggest a AMRAP set to allow them to realise that what they have been Comfortable with for a period of time is actually not RPE 8?

    now this has not happened to me but want to know how you would go about it if someone did.

    and another question would you ever consider someone plug numbers into your programs before they start? For example start at week 10 with your goal for that cycle and work backwards ? So say deadlift e1rm is 200kg at the start but you want at the end of the 10 weeks for it to be 210kg.

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    Hey Cole,

    I don't think I would automatically think someone needs to recalibrate their RPE scale using AMRAP sets if their 1 @ 8 doesn't respond well to whatever program they're running. I don't think that I'd pre-plan numbers for multiple weeks in advance, no.

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