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Best Cutting Template After Slight Weight Regain

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  • Best Cutting Template After Slight Weight Regain

    At the start of 2019 I started lifting again, and in the first 9.5 months of that year I lost 30kg. As far as programming goes, I started with GSLP, followed by The Bridge 1.0, followed by doing Powerbuilding I twice. By the end of my cut I was eating 1500-1600 calories a day, and I was needing to do a fair bit more conditioning work than the prescribed GPP in powerbuilding I. I'm currently in the last week of Strength I and will be testing my maxes on Friday. Since starting Strength I, I have dialed back the conditioning work to strictly the GPP prescribed in the program, and I have been eating a calorie surplus in order to gain some muscle and accelerate progress on the bar after seeing it stall for a period towards the end of my diet. Unfortunately, since ending my cut around 4.5 months ago, I have been a bit overzealous in bulking and have regained 8-9 kilos.

    I'd like to start a 8-10 week program next week in a calorie deficit and aim to lose 5-7 kilos in that period before running Strength II at maintenance, and I'm seeking some advice on the best program for me to run. I know from experience that I will really struggle to eat less than 1500 calories a day; based on my current calorie consumption I am quite certain that I will have to complete more conditioning work than is typically prescribed in a BBM template if I am going to meet my weight loss goal. Long-term, my goal is to keep getting stronger in the big 3; I don't expect to see much - if any - strength gains while dieting, but I would like to keep strength loss to an absolute minimum.

    Last time I saw good results from running powerbuilding I with extra conditioning work, but having already ran the program twice I am ideally looking to change things up a little. I am considering running powerbuilding II, but I am a little concerned that jumping from 3 lifting days to 4 days at the same time as jumping from relatively little conditioning work to several hours worth of conditioning work per week might be a bit too much of an increase in stress and leave me feeling a bit too fatigued. I'm not sure if this concern is well-founded or not. The other programs I am considering are General Strength and Conditioning, and Endurance. On one hand, I expect endurance comes closer to meeting my conditioning needs; but, on the other, I am hoping not to find myself in this position again anytime soon and feel I will get more long-term mileage out of the GSC template (also, being a slightly longer program potentially allows for greater weight loss).

    In light of the information I have provided, could you please reccommend a template for me? I would greatly appreciate your input!

    PS. Thanks for all of the great content you put out! I've seen really solid results following your programming, and I have also profited greatly from your work on pain. I really appreciate the great work you are doing; my life has genuinely improved as a direct result of it.

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    Thanks for the post and the kind words. Glad to hear it!!!

    I think I would agree with you here and recommend the GSC template, as it'll set you up better for the Strength II template and you're likely to be able to use it again and again in the future. It's also substantially different than the PB I template, which is what you're after, methinks

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