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  • More is more?

    Hi BBM.

    Quick summary before the question.

    Male, 31 years old. I've been exercising for 6 years, but after a break from psychical activity for an entire year I started again June, 2019. I did SSLP Up until 4 minutters between sets were'nt enough, then I did bridge 1.0, bridge 3.0, hypertrophy I, first 4 weeks of Hypertrophy I and now I'm in week 6 of Powerbuilding II.

    Is it beneficial to train using your 4 times a week programs, when you think you can still make good gains using the 3 times a week program? Should you just go for the more is more-approach or keep the 4 times a week as a back-up, when 3 times a week is slowing down progress?

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    We would expect more training to potentially yield more fitness adaptations in a well-suited individual, yes. That said, most people can get by with training 2-3x/wk from a health perspective. So, it really all depends on what you want from your training.
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