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2nd Squat Selection for Long Distance Runner

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  • 2nd Squat Selection for Long Distance Runner


    I am in week 5 of the Endurance Template. I had been doing Split Squat for my 2nd squat.

    Squat (based on 6 reps): 321lb
    Deadlift (based on 6 reps): 333lb
    Split Squat (based on 8 reps): 119lb

    1) How beneficial are split squats for running?
    2) Would pin squats be less beneficial for half marathon running(given that I don't find them to be as big of a sticking point)? I enjoy pin squats more, but am not sure if I should focus on what I perceive as my weak point (split squat)

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    Thanks for the post

    1) I don't think I can confidently say how effective a particular exercise is for an individual given the wide variety of responses that we see to a given exercise prescription. That said, I do like to include unilateral work for athletes whose sport involves running, in general.
    2) I don't have a good reason to program pin squats for a runner in particular unless we're talking about half squats to pins or something like that, which would be more specific for a runner. That said, I'd prefer split squats, step ups, or similar in this setting.

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