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Programming for farming season

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    Thanks for the post and I'm glad you're loving the template

    I think if it were me I'd do Bridge 3.0 again or Hypertrophy I while eliminating all the conditioning work from the programs in favor of what you're doing on the farm. If it were me, I'd do the hypertrophy template but you could convince me that the bridge 3.0 was fine too, especially since you already have it.


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  • Jem Dillon
    started a topic Programming for farming season

    Programming for farming season

    Been on Bridge 3.0 for 3 weeks having been ground out of ss nlp. Great progress so far. I dig RPE, variety of programming, etc. My training sessions are *enticing* once again, rather than *dreadful*. Satisfied consumer.

    Anyway, one of my jobs is farming, and our planting season is starting. We're a small-scale, mostly-manual kind of farm. This means a steadily increasing physical workload which will peak around June and stay pretty strenuous until at least September, when it'll start tapering down again. All my serious lifting experience has occurred during the last 4-ish months of our slow time, so I haven't ever been both training and working peak farming season.

    Obviously strength is useful in my work, but I'm going to need to prioritize work performance over training. My instinct is to move on to Time Crunch or something similar once I finish Bridge, but I was curious if you had thoughts, both specifically wrt which template would be appropriate and also generally regarding how programming parameters should be manipulated to accommodate the requirements of a physical job. Thanks.

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    Squat 340lbs
    DL 464lbs
    Bench 263lbs
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