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    I am nearing the end of my sslp, most likely next week will be the last week I use this method. For a breif history, I used this model for about 2 years on a 2 day a week schedule. I know very well 2 years is way too long, and 2 days a week sucks for strength training. This was basically me making the best of my recources living in a very rural area with very few options. Fast forward to today, I restarted my lp after about 18 months of no training at all, with the ability to train any day of the week.

    Restarting my lp 5 weeks ago I've gotten fairly close to where I left off at and am pretty sure grinding it out any more than one more week will be a disservice to my efforts. My goals at this point are basically to hit the strength standard most people seem to accept, body weight press, 1.5 bench, you know the rest.

    For refrence at 5'9 175 bw my lifts are as follows
    (lbs-Sets x reps)
    Squat 260 3x5
    Press 105 3x5
    Bench 155 3x5
    DL 295 1x5

    Basically just looking for advice as to what program, or next two programs of yours I might select to acheive these goals. Thanks in advance, love what you guys are doing. Breath of fresh air coming from the rigidity of the starting strength community.

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    I'd probably do the Bridge from here and then pick either Powerbuilding I or Strength I for your next program

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