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Dealing with 'normies' at commercial gyms

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  • Dealing with 'normies' at commercial gyms


    A slightly different topic so please feel free to ignore it if it goes beyond the scope of this board.

    I train at a commercial gym and in it, I seem to be the only person following a regimented barbell lifting program. Relatively speaking my lifts aren't that impressive. I'm about 82kg now on a bulk and my Squat e1rm is at 172kg, Bench at 120kg and DL at 165kg all whilst currently running Strength 1. However, the fact that I am the only person lifting heavy and the only person whose lifts have increased over the months has led to two interesting effects:

    1) Other gym-goers think I'm crazy / stupid for mostly lifting with a barbell and always lifting heavy.

    2) I find it incredibly hard to relate to fellow gym-goers whose lifting routines mostly consists of bro splits and low weight/high reps.

    My question to you is, how much is the gym you're training in and the people you're training around, a limiting factor for progression? For me, whilst I enjoy training I do feel a sort of nocebo effect when my very modest lifts are considered to be 'crazy' by the supposedly 'normal' people around me. From their reactions it makes me feel like I'm reaching my 'limit' when logically I know from periodisation, that my 'limit' can actually stretch beyond what I am demonstrating at this current moment.

    In short; is this something worth changing and finding a more focused powerlifting/bodybuilding gym for and have you experienced this yourself?

    Thanks a lot,

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    An interesting question, Sheak

    I will say that I prefer training in dedicated powerlifting or strength and conditioning facilities, as the equipment tends to be much higher quality.

    That said, I don't find any additional motivation or progress from training in that environment really. For the most part, we have the same issue- we're both usually the strongest person in the gym. So, while it's easier to get a spot and there's better equipment at black-iron gyms, I'm not sure I'd put much stock in that holding you back. Conversely, the environment you train in might mean a whole lot more to you than it does to me so....YMMV.

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      Thanks a lot Jordan that seems like a very objective response. I'll keep going to my gym and whilst focussing more on my workouts rather than on the gym environment!

      Also very honoured to have the same problem as you!