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Template Selection w/ Diverse Goals

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  • Austin Baraki
    I think the endurance template is reasonable.

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  • KylerW
    started a topic Template Selection w/ Diverse Goals

    Template Selection w/ Diverse Goals

    Hello Drs.,

    I've been prepping for a marathon for the last few months (just ran it yesterday!) and would like to shift to a template to:

    1) Get stronger
    2) Keep a decent aerobic base and train to PR my 1.5-mile run
    3) Reach 20+ BW pullups (most recently hit 19)

    I realize these goals might be contrary to each other and all over the place, but do you have a BBM template recommendation? I'm leaning towards the 7-week Endurance GPP program.
    I ran the Bridge 1.0 7-8 months ago and made good progress, so I'm not a new lifter.

    Thanks for your content!