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    I was wondering, since the majority of the programs yall have are split into two phases, can I hop from hypertrophy 2 after it's first phase ends (after week 5) and then start the first phase of powerlifting 2 and switch after it's first phase ends into say phase 2 of hypertrophy 2 and so on with templates such as hypertrophy 2, powerlifting 2, powerbuilding 2, or any of the templates? Is this a good approach if I am the type to get bored with a particular style of training pretty quickly, but still want to get stronger and more muscular?

    Also, why are the BBM templates set up in that way, with the whole 2 phases thing? Is it because yall are basically giving us 2 blocks of training that's specific to the goal it's assigned to?

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    I don't think this is a good idea with respect to making the most progress possible, but from an adherence standpoint this is probably fine

    I like programming in deloads because most people need them sometime in the 3-7 week period, Thus, I program two blocks!

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