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Hypothetical question about training for health

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  • Hypothetical question about training for health

    Hello BBM!

    I recently met a fellow who has undergone brain surgery. He is altering his training from hitting 600+ lb deads and squats to doing no more than 225 or so.

    In his case, I guess, this question is not hypothetical - if an individual trained in a steady state fashion (squatting/deadlifting around two plates, benching around 185, cardio for x minutes per week) does that individual still benefit from a health perspective as time reaches years and years? Or is it the case that once you adapt to a given level of stress the benefits start to diminish? Another way to ask the same question - do you actually need progressive overload to train for health benefits vs getting continually stronger?


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    You need progressive overload to a point; of course there are diminishing returns. However, this specific point will be variable between individuals and within individuals over time, depending on things like genetics, training sensitivity, co-existing medical conditions, and the like.
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