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Powerbuilding II on a deficit

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  • Powerbuilding II on a deficit

    Hi guys.

    i have just finished up with the 1st block of PB Ii and i ran it on a slight surplus gaining (on average) 0.5lb/week. I am looking to lean down now and drop about 15lb (175lb->160lb) over the course of 12 weeks. This will have me losing weight at about 0.7% of my bodyweight /week.

    My question is, Is this a smart approach? Will the 2nd block of PB II be suitable for this or should i put PB II on hold and run Hypertrophy II. Will I be able to maintain muscle just fine on PB II following this approach?

    Many thanks to the BBM crew, PB II has been awesome so far!

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    I think this is totally fine provided your protein intake is appropriate

    Let us know how it goes!

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