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    Running week 4 of the bridge. So far so great, but I ran into an unusual scenario.

    Hit bench for 1 @ 8 (90-93%) 260lbs
    Then I was going to hit 4 @ 8 (84%) 235lbs, but 235lbs was a [email protected]

    Do I have to adjust the e1RM after this set or continue using e1RM based off the first set?

    How would I prevent this from happening in the future, so I can hit my 2nd set at the recommended RPE of 8.

    Also why wouldn’t I start with [email protected] then do my second set [email protected]?

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    Thanks for the post

    A few thoughts here. I don't think you should rely entirely on the calculator to pick your weights, as it would be unusual for your individual strength profile to line up exactly how a calculator does. While a 4 @ 10 is around 86% ish, your 4RM may be closer to 84%. Alternative explanations include overshooting the 1 @ 8, a technique issue on the 4 @ 8, or overrating the 4 @ 8, to name a few.

    I would be more conservative in your weight selection based on the single @ 8 given your experience here. If you need to take another set to hit it, that's cool. I'd prefer you did the singles fresh as this gives you some sense of how strong you are for the day compared to a set of 4 @ 8.

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