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Help/Thoughts with Direction to Take - Progression Has Stalled

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  • Help/Thoughts with Direction to Take - Progression Has Stalled


    My name is Tyler.

    If this is the wrong forum for this topic, please let me know. I do not want to break any community guidelines/rules- just wanting help after feeling stuck for the better part of 8 months.

    I am new to BBM. Found your site through Alan Thrall and ended up downloading your free version of the Bridge 1.0 (haven't run it yet). I wanted to determine if the Bridge 1.0 is the most optimal program to run. My background is odd: I was a cross country runner in college (2010-2011) then switched to baseball for a year and put on weight. Was overweight as a kid, but trimmed up OK in HS and college. After college, I lost my gallbladder in an emergency situation and have gained more weight than I'd like. 6' around 250lbs (can kinda see my top four abs). I have always wanted to compete in strongman- seems fun. Did my first comp last weekend in the HW division and was smoked- not strong enough for the HW's but not lean enough for MW class. I'm at a crossroads in trying to determine if I should just focus on getting stronger and body recomp to be competitive in the HW class or drop 25ish lbs to the MW (worried about losing strength when I'm already not terribly strong to be competitive). I came across the Bridge 1.0 and after reading through it, I like the science behind it and agree with it. Not sure if it is the optimal BBM program for me yet. At this stage, I am leaning towards a slower body recomp while focusing on getting stronger. After my first comp, I realized my gross deficiencies in the major four movements (bench, deadlift, squat, and OHP) are holding me back the most: i'm just not strong enough. All that being said, I want to run a BBM program with an added day of strongmen event training on weekends (mainly for conditioning so I can still work my technique and aid my body recomp). My MAIN goal is to increase limit strength in the big four though. I have 5 years (over 6-7 years due to various surgeries) in total of experience with barbell lifts. The Bridge 1.0 says it's for someone moving out of the novice range. I feel like I might be 1 tiny step past the point at which this program would work best, but I understand the value in running it to become acclimated to the BBM way of training. So, is there a more optimal program in the BBM catalog to run or would this be a good one? For reference, my most recent maxes (March 2019) were 475 deadlift, 365 squat, 275 bench, 180 OHP, but I'm sure I'm stronger now as I've been able to do doubles and triples at those weights (except DL). Thank you to anyone who makes it this far in reading my small novel. I am wanting to make a serious change to not only get stronger, but to be healthier in general and this seems like the right place to ask these question.

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    Hey Tyler,

    I think the Bridge is fine for you right now, plus it's free and only 7 weeks long. So...if it's a bust, it's not a big deal.

    If your waist is >37" I'd probably recommend reducing your calories as well to drop some weight

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